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       湖州杉杉新能源科技研发中心目前拥有锂电材料高素质专业研发技术人员20余人,其中硕士及以上学历占80%,包含博士及教授级高工4人。公司目前已拥有锂电及材料方面的专利10余项。研发中心设施齐全,配有一流的制备与检测设备,以及完整的电池制作测试线。 研发中心还与知名高校,如浙江大学,苏州大学,中南大学等有着紧密的合作。这些为创亚的技术创新奠定了坚实的基础。我们深信,通过创亚员工的持续努力创新,通过与合作伙伴的紧密合作, 创亚未来一定能够发展成为世界一流的锂电池综合材料体系供应商。

       At present, huzhou shanshan new energy research and development center has more than 20 professional r&d personnel with high quality of lithium electric materials, among which 80% have master's degree or above, including 4 people with doctor's degree and teaching level. At present, the company has more than 10 patents in lithium electricity and materials. The r&d center has complete facilities, equipped with first-class preparation and testing equipment, and complete battery production test line. The r&d center also has close cooperation with famous universities, such as zhejiang university, suzhou university and south China university. These have laid a solid foundation for the technological innovation of chuangya. We believe that through the employee's ongoing efforts to innovation, in close cooperation with partners, create the future will be able to become the world first-class lithium battery comprehensive material system suppliers.

X-ray diffractometer
Scanning electron microscopy (sem)
Inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer
Electrochemical workstation
Battery Test System
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