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      扫描电镜(Scanning Electron Microscope,简写为SEM)是一个复杂的系统,浓缩了电子光学技术、真空技术、精细机械结构以及现代计算机控制技术。成像是采用二次电子或背散射电子等工作方式。扫描电镜发展至今,一般将扫描电镜配备多种附加仪器构成分析型扫描电镜,以便对被测试样进行多种信息的分析,其附件一般能谱仪(EDS)、电子背散射衍射(EBSD)和波谱仪(WDS)等附件。

     Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is a complex system that concentrates electronic optical technology, vacuum technology, fine mechanical structure and modern computer control technology. Imaging is the use of secondary or backscattering electron and other working methods. Scanning electron microscopy (sem) development up to now, the scanning electron microscopy (sem) equipped with a variety of additional instruments analytical scanning electron microscopy (sem), the analysis of the sample to be tested in a variety of information, the attachment generally spectrometer (EDS), the test results with electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) and electron back scattering diffraction spectrometer (WDS), and other accessories.